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The Real Meaning of Meditation

What is meditation? How does it work? Can meditation help you achieve genuine peace and happiness in today’s hectic, often chaotic world?

What is the best type of meditation?

Meditation offers time for relaxation and heightened awareness in a stressful world where our senses are often dulled. Research suggests that meditation has the potential for more than just temporary stress relief.

Meditation. What are the benefits?

An interesting article medically reviewed by David A. Merrill, MD, PhD, psychiatrist and director of the Pacific Brain Health Center at Pacific Neuroscience Institute at Providence Saint John's Health Center. 

Meditation Academic Publications

What does modern science say about the ancient wisdom of meditation? See for yourself!


What is Mindfulness?

Are you supposed to clear your mind, or focus on one thing? Here's the Mindful definition of Mindfulness.

Learn Mindfulness 

How can you learn mindfulness in ways that support your well-being? How can you build it into your busy schedule? 


Useful resource from Oxford University, although it does hold courses, there is a lot of free resources here you can use.

Evidence based practice

The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) was founded in 2013  to establish an evidence base for the process, practice, and construct of mindfulness, linking the practice to reduced anxiety, and smoking cessation.

Mindfulness and COVID-19

Researchers at Colorado State University have found that teens who practice mindfulness techniques show fewer signs of stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic than those who do not.

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