What we do...

The Little Lighthouse bring you Self Help Audio and Visual. Relaxing music to aid with sleep, tension, and help alleviate anxiety, and insomnia.

What we are...

Friends with common interests in the fields of mindfulness, meditation, NLP, and Yoga.

Our aim is to take the latest developments within these fields where they apply to auditory and visual stimuli and build then into high quality productions.


Our primary focus throughout is always on you, and your well being.

What we bring...

Original audio and visual productions as a companion to Meditation, Sleep, Yoga, and Reiki.


In addition to these companion productions we cover relaxing music, classical music, Binaural Beats, Affirmation and Healing NLP, Pure Tones, Spa,  Home Themes that include Sleep Music for Infants, and our soon to be released Mellow Productions.

Our Productions


Explore our themed meditation audio and visual productions.


Pause, and focus on what is really important to you.

Quick Escapes

Specially designed for when time is short. 

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